How Parade Adopted Frictionless Access Management

Working with contractors proved difficult when delegating different levels of access. Processes were manually intensive, and access reviews weren't centralized. Given their high security standards, Parade wanted to take their access management to the next level. Learn how they scaled access to production with easy auditing and automated reviews.

The Overview

According to the American Trucking Association, roughly 36 million trucks crisscross the country at all hours of the day, carrying 71 percent of U.S. freight. Companies are on tight deadlines to ship billions of dollars of wares, and their success hinges on being able to find available trucks when they need it. This matching process is traditionally chaotic and disconnected, with transportation management systems (TMS) that, by themselves, struggle to meet the demands of a complex, booming industry.

Rising quietly out of this chaos are companies like Parade, who have created an AI-powered platform to expand industry access to actionable data. With this new wave of technology, Parade and others are redefining how freight companies operate and interact.

The Problem

The team at Parade knew that with great power comes great responsibility. With so much sensitive information flowing through their systems, it was necessary to prioritize data security.

A major pain point they had was scaling development work with external partners without exposing sensitive resources or production environments. They used virtual environments within Google Cloud Platform to create different sets of developer permissions, but the approval process was manual and ad hoc, creating friction in their team's productivity. To maintain a high level of security, they looked to adopt automated access management with Opal.

"With Opal, we can focus on building our core product without worrying about access controls. Their integration into Google Cloud Platform has made it really easy and secure to work with external partners."

Tony Wu

CTO at Parade

The Solution

  • Parade streamlined access requests with Opal, with developers being able to request and approve requests easily on the go from Slack. Access to resources are given in a single click, automatically propagating after approval. Parade also improved their security posture by tying access of resources to JIRA tickets, automatically revoking access once the ticket is complete.
  • Parade simplified auditing for their access reviews, automatically generating reports that highlight any changes made. Each request and session is also logged to ensure no stones are left unturned in an automated approval process.
  • Access at Parade became crystal clear, with one consolidated view for the team to track user access reviews. Full-time employees, along with external consultants, are able to self-serve discover and request access to resources dynamically, saving time and resources.