Opal + Azure

Azure Virtual Machines

Using Opal, you can manage access to servers by using your existing controls in Microsoft Azure. Opal discovers these servers automatically and grants access via Azure's native Active Directory login Virtual Machine extension.

Azure AKS

Opal integrates seamlessly with Azure's Kubernetes Service, AKS, to help you manage access to RBAC on any cluster. Using service discovery we automatically import all selected clusters and grant temporary access using Azure Active Directory and native recommendations.

Active Directory

Azure Active Directory (AAD) powers Azure’s identity access management (IAM) and its management plane. By integrating with these powerful permissions, Opal helps your Security and DevOps teams manage developer access. This includes temporary access to AD roles and permissions, with full audit logging capabilities to meet your compliance needs.

Azure SQL Databases

Opal supports Azure SQL databases out of the box. Database access can be scoped to any granularity your database allows including table and even column-level access. Developers can easily discover and request for just-in-time short-lived access to databases. All databases can be accessed using your favorite 3rd party database viewers, like Postico, or through the command line.

Note: This integration is currently in beta and not generally available. Please contact us at hello@opal.dev if you want to learn more!