IT Teams

Spend less time on access requests and more time on high-impact projects

Opal helps you resolve access requests in minutes and streamline onboarding.


As an IT professional, you juggle a million requests and priorities to keep your org running

Access requests eat up valuable time you could use to resolve high-priority items or tackle complex, high-impact projects.

It probably doesn't excite you to:

Chase down managers to figure out why someone needs access

Get into the weeds of giving access in different systems

Do the tedious dance of provisioning or removing access when employees onboard, leave the org, or switch teams


You’re not alone

Other IT teams face the same challenges:

Onboarding takes up too much time

Sure, you have docs that walk through which systems new hires need access to, but the process is far from seamless.

Different roles need access to different things at different times, and who gets stuck with the headache?

Well, probably you.

Important projects get put on the back burner

That two hours you set aside in the afternoon to get work done?

It passes, forgotten, as you run around helping the new sales guy set up his computer while helping about 10 other people get access to different things.

There’s no paper trail

When your security and compliance teams ask for a record of who got access, when, and why, you can’t give them an answer right away.

Instead, you dig through emails, Slack messages, AWS logs, and JIRA tickets to piece together the whole picture. Yikes.

A Week to Onboard? Try 10 Minutes

Give employees straightforward access from Day 1.

Configure once and let Opal do the rest

Use existing group structures to automatically give employees access to what they need when they join, with fine-grained access levels that get provisioned instantly.

A bird’s eye view

Give new employees the power of information with Opal’s self-serve catalog of your organization’s resources.

Using Opal, new hires can instantly get a sense of what they might need to do their jobs, getting up to speed faster.

Instant clarity

Opal makes it simple for new hires to learn names and roles with an overview of teams and who owns what.

Self-guided workflows allow employees to easily see the status of a request and connect directly with the reviewer, skipping the middleman.

Resolve Access Requests in Minutes, not Days

Imagine what you could do with all the extra time that’s not sucked into the black hole of access requests. This is how we help you do it:

Decentralize access

Opal neatly brings all your resources under one roof so anyone (really, anyone) at your company can browse, discover, and request access to resources with a single click.

Even better?

We bring the same easy experience to Slack where requesting and approving requests takes less time than putting pants on.

Connect the right people

No more spinning your wheels to figure out who to ping or chasing hard-to-find managers for more context.

Opal directly pings the resource owner, freeing you from playing middleman.

Both the requester and approver can check on the request status and even start a conversation in Slack or the web app.

Make automation do the work

With options for both time- and event-bounded access, your team can configure access to expire after a certain time.

Or, you can automatically provision access if someone switches teams.

And you don’t have to lift a finger.

Control the Chaos

Gone are the days of sifting through old messages and emails to figure out who got access, when, and why.

Comprehensive logs

Opal logs every access request in a user-friendly interface. Your security and compliance team can easily filter, search, and export access request history without ever knocking on your door.

Streamlined workflows

Employees can easily discover and request access with self-guided workflows that make getting the right permissions a no-brainer.

No more blockers

You don’t have to be a bottleneck anymore.

With automatic notifications to resource owners, easy approvals in Slack, and dynamic role creation, productivity pretty much approaches infinity. 😎