Access Insights

Healthy access management starts with healthy vision. By bringing access into the light, teams can now instantly visualize their access infrastructure, stay on the same page, and make the best decisions for the future.

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The Problem

Companies don't know what they don't know. With no centralized pane to visualize their access patterns, managing and tracking access is messy.

With employees using a complex array of tools, each with their own access structure, it's hard to keep track of where access comes from or make good decisions about the future.

The Solution

Opal’s centralized dashboard allows you to instantly visualize your access infrastructure at a high level, with the ability to dive into granular detail on users and resources.

See the big picture. With dynamic charts, easily see how your organization is connected to its systems, access hierarchy, and more.

Visualize access paths. Verify all the different ways a user or group can access a system.

See what's happening today. Create intelligent alerts that ping you when something important happens.

Drill into the nitty-gritty—but only if you want to. Search and filter across the org. Dive deeper on your terms instead of being bombarded with irrelevant details.

Opal is building the framework for identity management and authorization— providing an incredible user experience for our employees while ensuring we have the infrastructure for auditability and evidence.

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VP of Information Technology
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Get a view of what's happening today.

The first step of a good security practice is being able to map out what's happening today, not yesterday.

With up-to-date visuals, Opal guides you with actionable insights.

Be prepared for tomorrow.

In Opal, every action is logged for peace of mind.

You can then customize Opal's built-in monitor and filters to alert you when something important happens (and you get decide what's important).

Make strategic decisions

With a clear understanding of your systems, make informed decisions instead of groping in the dark.

Let Opal be your light switch.