Break Glass Access

Engineering managers can now sleep in peace—literally. No more 2am phone calls just to grant access.

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The Problem

When production is down, there’s no time to waste, so either: Teams stress over urgent access requests, or companies give too much access for the sake of productivity.

The Solution

Opal makes break-glass easy with pre-approved access and integrations with your on-call platform. Set up automated break-glass policies without derailing existing processes.

On-call automation

Automate the granting and revocation of escalated privileges by syncing with PagerDuty or Opsgenie on-call schedules

Pre-approved access

Set up pre-approvals to grant users a temporary 12-hour session based on emergencies

As Merge continues to scale, it's important our security scales with it. By partnering with Opal, we don't have to worry about access controls anymore. We can focus on our mission.

Gil Feig, Merge
Gil Feig
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Comprehensive audit trails for peace of mind

Opal tracks and logs exactly who has access to what and when. Rest easy knowing every action is logged, especially when engineers get more access than they typically have during emergencies. Make break-glass access a straightforward, painless process with easy log exports via the Opal API.

Intelligent notifications you won’t want to hit pause on

Set up Slack alerts that notify you of any access changes on sensitive permissions. Owners always know who has access, creating unparalleled organization-wide visibility.

Give the right access for just the right amount of time

Pre-configured access eliminates late-night calls. Opal automatically revokes privileges when someone rotates off duty, ensuring no one has access for longer than they need it.