User Access Reviews

Access reviews are often a manual slog that saps productivity from teams.

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The Problem

Access reviews are crucial for compliance, but stretch already-thin team resources. The manual processes involve spreadsheet-based workflows and way too much cat herding.

User access reviews can take weeks of precious time, but what if it could be automated end-to-end?

The Solution

With a centralized view of access, intelligent notifications, and self-service reviews, Opal makes access reviews quick and painless. Complete user access reviews in days not weeks? Yes, please!

Compliance dashboard

Enable compliance teams to scope reviews, configure reminders, and kickstart access reviews across the organization

Automated PDFs

Generate an auditor-friendly report to summarize all actions

Implementing Opal was really straightforward. It tracks access logs in one place automatically, so we have peace of mind we're storing everything we need for upcoming audits.

Jim Walnum
Jim Walnum
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Take the burden off compliance teams with self-service access reviews

Opal eliminates spreadsheets.

Instead, it intelligently and automatically assigns reviewers based on resource owners or managers. The reviewer can then propagate access-level changes, revocations, and acceptance to end systems, all in one place.

Get your mai tai and shades, because Opal fully automates reviews and reminders

Opal gives you one place to handle the full access review process.

You can even automatically nudge reviewers to complete their reviews or notify their manager if their portion is incomplete.

Get a comprehensive view from beginning to end

Reviewers no longer need to sift through tooling—Opal eliminates the guesswork from beginning to end.

With powerful tags and filters, progress bars, and a clear view of what’s still left, compliance teams will always know when to step on the gas pedal or pump the brakes.