User Onboarding and Offboarding

Onboarding new employee permissions can be a manual, time-consuming process. As your company grows and changes structure, it becomes a nightmare to scale your onboarding process.

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The Problem

Many companies build their onboarding process with manual checklists and brittle group structures. As the company grows, the group structures start sprawling and manual overhead becomes unsustainable.

The Solution

With Opal, you can implement birthright policies that flex with your company’s access requirements.

Automate birthright policies using groups (GBAC), roles (RBAC), or attributes (ABAC)

Organize group structures into hierarchies that keep things organized from day 1 and beyond

Obtain at-a-glance clarity with built-in visualization of how groups are related to each other

With Opal, we can focus on building our core product without worrying about access controls. Their integration into Google Cloud Platform has made it really easy and secure to work with external partner.

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Tony Wu
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Automate birthright policies, your way

Provision access your way with Opal’s flexible birthright policies.

Integrated with attributes from your identity providers and HR systems, Opal allows you to provision access based on groups, roles, or attributes.

With intelligent notifications that help you keep an eye on segregation-of-duty (SoD) or employment/role changes, Opal helps you take an active approach to access management.

Seamless integration with your tech stack

Whether you use Google Groups, Okta, or another platform to group management platform, you can import your groups into a single easy-to-use dashboard in Opal.

Then, easily create birthright workflows that give your organization the nuance it needs to onboard employees effectively from day 1.

Give your organization powerful clarity around group structures

Keep your access workflows clean by organizing your groups with subgroups.

Instead of duplicating groups that have similar permissions, create a hierarchy that makes sense and eliminate group sprawl.

Powerful visualizations make it easy to see who’s in what group, what they have access to, and who owns what. Empower your organization with a real-time, unified view of your access infrastructure.