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#1 Pain for Engineering Teams: Accessing Infrastructure

Opal's goal is to eliminate the pain of permission management

Opal enables developer productivity

Reduce waiting time from days to seconds

Allow team leads to grant access through Slack or email

Define custom approval workflows based on groups or managers

Automatically connect to databases in your favorite clients like Postico using one-time credentials

Adopt privilege policies that developers will love

Set time-based access control for all critical engineering infrastructure

Automate access according to on-call schedules and high priority bugs

Extend MFA to databases, servers, and internal tools

Opal security workflows
Compliance workflows

Say goodbye to painful access reviews

Use expiring access to remove the need for periodic access reviews

Send self-service access reviews to group and permission owners

Browse a rich change-log for permissions, groups, and audits

Integrate easily with your favorite tools

Set up in minutes without agents or proxies

Set up on-premise or via cloud

Integrate into common engineering infrastructure, such as databases, servers, cloud IAM, and internal tools

"The best money I have spent in my life. I saw a 1200% increase in my conversion rates and doubled my revenue in just three hours”.

Pico is super-easy to use, fast, and the support has been great. I couldn't recommend it enough.

Eric Helms, Chief Financial Officer