Modern Identity Security

Opal helps the world's best organizations prioritize risk, delegate management, and measure impact across security, productivity, and compliance.

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Opal Secures the Identity Perimeter

Opal is the modern identity security platform that normalizes data across cloud and SaaS applications. Security teams have one surface to alert the right people, enable them to take action, and measure results.

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Identity Providers
Cloud Apps
Opal API

Find unknown identity threats and fix them in minutes

Get centralized visibility across cloud infrastructure, SaaS applications, and internal tools. Opal surfaces identity risks in an access graph paired with one-click remediations.

Least privilege access sits at the core of our engineering strategy at Valon. Opal helps us improve that access with workflows that developers actually enjoy using. The developer-centric experience makes the posture of secure by default feel effortless
Paul Veevers
Senior Engineering Manager

Protect against breaches with least privilege

Identity mismanagement is the leading cause of breaches. With Opal, the right employees are granted the right level of access for the right amount of time.

At Scale, we believe Opal is the right way to do least privilege. As a Terraform shop, it's important for us to be able to use our current workflows to implement privileged access management on resources with granular and robust security and approval policies.”
Loui Barrett
Lead Product Security Engineer

Accelerate employee access on paved roads

Enable employees to easily get access in a simple, fast, and secure manner.

“With Opal, we were able to shift our engineering team's time towards Blend's products and focus less on business processes for granting and calibrating access. With Opal's developer extensibility and intuitive user experience, we are able to scale our identity security strategy and ensure our users have the guardrails to be secure by default on our most sensitive systems.”
Paul Gutherie
Information Security Officer

Simplify compliance without manual overhead

Automate spreadsheet-based workflows needed for SOX, SOC-2, ISO, and HITRUST user access reviews

“Opal has redefined how we approach identity governance at scale. The product and roadmap align closely with the needs of our hyper-growth business. With their rich API's and Terraform support, we can modernize and automate IAM and assurance in ways that are aligned with other mature facets of our infrastructure.”
Andrew McAllister
Head of Corporate Engineering

Admin and Security

Deploy with ease, trust with confidence

Deploy in minutes

By integrating with native APIs, Opal can be set up in minutes without agents or proxies

Flexible deployment methods

Opal offers the flexibility of SaaS or self-hosted deployment with a seamless management interface

Scale Infinitely

With robust APIs, Opal admins can manage access policies at scale using Infrastructure-as-Code

Trust at the Core

Opal SOC-2 Type 2’s report attests to our enterprise-grade system and robust organizational controls

Internal dogfooding

We use Opal internally to ensure all privileged access requests keep up with leading best practices

Security first

Opal leverages AES 256-bit encryption using hardware security models for data at-rest and in-transit and regularly undergoes penetration testing

Loved by the security community

Opal celebrates security leaders who want to embrace positive change, not check boxes.

Opal provides an efficient and intuitive solution for managing user access and access reviews. Opal's straightforward design and logically organized layout streamlines the process and allows me to quickly and easily understand what requires attention and why.
Alfredo Hickman
Head of Information Security
We wanted to increase our security posture by limiting who at our company had data to what, and Opal has been very effective at allowing us to do that as we grow quickly. Opal has become a critical part of our daily workflows. We use the Opal Slack feature a lot, and it's helped speed up access requests.
Shensi DIng
Chief Executive Officer
Opal has become a core pillar of our IAM strategy and is the primary method of granting access.
Mathew Jackson
Security Operations and Architecture Manager
Critical app for robust access management. Opal has been a great cornerstone for our identity and access program, enabling robust authorization controls in a super user-friendly manner. It's super easy to review and approve requests right from slack.
Jacob Brackett
Head of Security
Access management is not just a technology problem—it’s also about people, process and most of all, scale. Opal’s approach to decentralize approvals and automate time-bounded provisioning via popular productivity platforms. This approach enables organizations to move move beyond compliance and adopt true least privilege at scale
Yassir Abousselham
Chief Information Security Officer
Great product with a promising future. We like the ability to manage access approval workflows, time-restricted access, automate access provisioning, break-the-glass access. User access reviews via Opal make things streamlined and easy. Out of the box, it helps us save time on User Access Management.
Evgeny Lazarev
Head of Cyber Security
Implementing traditional access management solutions are typically large and complex projects with the potential to slow down employees. With Opal, enterprises can improve internal security posture and accelerate employee productivity.
Brian Johnson
Chief Information Security Officer
Excellent product with even better customer service. The highlight for my team is how attentive Opal has been to implementing the product and how responsive their team has been to issues we encountered while setting Opal up in our environment.
Brandon Pearce
Enterprise Security Manager
Opal is the foundation of Switchboard’s infrastructure security.
Chris Jones
Chief Technology Officer
With deep integrations for both engineering infrastructure and SaaS applications, Opal provides enterprises with one interface to visualize and orchestrate access, protecting and enabling the organization all at once
Steve Dotson
Chief Information Security Officer
Opal just makes things so much easier. The reduction in time necessary between an access request and provisioning has been reduced dramatically. This helps us meet our internal SLAs across the organization. Effective, time-limited, auto revoked access is the ideal state for any access management program.
Mike Walsh
Sr. Director of Security
Drata uses Opal to automate access requests across the company. The platform is lowering helpdesk volume and saving headcount by delivering a seamless access experience.
Ross Hosman
Chief Information Security Officer
Opal isn't just another security tool that produces too many warnings. Opal has enabled us to reduce risk by minimizing privilege across Engineering, while making it easy to obtain admin when needed. So far we've used it to minimize privilege on Kubernetes, IAM roles, breakglass, self-management of low-risk accounts, OpsGenie on-call integration, and the list goes on.
Jon Anderson
Senior Application Security Engineer
Implementing least privilege is really hard. The Opal platform tackles this problem in the right way – granting access that is granular, short-lived, and fully audited
John Abel
Chief Information Security Officer

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