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Learn how Opal is redefining access management

Accelerate access requests from days to seconds

Enable system owners and managers to approve access requests via Slack or Email.

Grant rule-based access tied to support tickets or on-call schedules.

Enforce automated policies to prevent toxic pairings of permissions.

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Implement least privilege everywhere

Grant granular permissions across databases, servers, IAM roles, and Kubernetes clusters.

Extend permissions to all internal tools.

Secure databases with table and column/row-level permissions.

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Say goodbye to time-consuming access reviews

Automate user access reviews with self-serve workflows to resource owners.

Continuously monitor access for employees that have left the company or changed departments.

Browse and export rich audit-logs to understand all permission change events.

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Work seamlessly with your technology stack

Our cloud-first approach automatically discovers your databases, servers, internal tools, and applications.

The world's first solution to privileged access that doesn't require proxies or agents.

Opal can be deployed via SaaS or self-hosted in minutes.

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Learn Why Compliance Teams Love Opal

Conducting user access reviews is time-consuming and exhausting.  With Opal, customers who struggled with their first user access review can now conduct them monthly without breaking a sweat or herding cats.

Learn Why DevOps Teams Love Opal

Managing access requests at scale is difficult. With Opal, DevOps teams can easily onboard new engineers with granular permissions to infrastructure and streamline privileged access requests.

Learn Why Engineering Teams Love Opal

Getting access to engineering infrastructure can often take days or weeks. With Opal's rule-based approval workflows, access requests can be completed in seconds, not days or weeks.

Learn Why Security Teams Love Opal

Implementing least privilege is challenging.  With Opal's rule-based and time-bound access, your organization can adopt security best practices without custom code.

Complete Engineering Onboarding

Onboarding engineers is often a lengthy and manual process. With Opal, companies can attach granular permissions across the engineering stack - applications, servers, databases, IAM roles, Kubernetes - to groups.

Scalable Just-In-Time Access

Without automation, DevOps teams provide short-lived access manually or set permissions that are far too broad. Using Opal, system owners and managers can approve rule-based access requests via Slack or Email.

Automated Access Reviews

Access requests are confusing and time-intensive. With Opal, compliance teams can ditch expensive meetings and giant spreadsheets. Instead, Opal can launch self-serve audits to resource owners, track progress in an unified dashboard, and provide an auditor-friendly report.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Keeping our customer data safe is our highest priority. Our commitment to enterprise-grade security is one of the many reasons why leading companies choose Opal.

Security Policies

Opal is heavily invested in maintaining the highest security standards. We are built using AES 256-bit encryption using hardware security modules for data at-rest and in-transit. In addition, we undergo regular penetration testing and leverage the latest security best practices.

Trust at the Core

Opal's SOC 2 reports attests to our enterprise-grade system and organization controls regarding security, privacy, availability, and confidentiality.

Flexible Deployment Options

Opal supports both self-hosted and SaaS deployment options. Learn how Opal can be installed on premise.