About Opal

Our mission:
Accelerate the development of software by removing the pain of permission management

Opal's founders were both software engineers and engineering managers. One of their biggest pain points was having their team get access to the right tools. Access requests often took days and weeks.

Engineers needed to learn how to bargain with DevOps, ask for a smaller subset of tools, or bug team leads to complete parts of their work for them.

Very soon, the Opal founding team realized that this was a problem that was shared by many other companies and across other departments.

Most start-ups offer broad permissions to optimize for convenience. As teams grew in size, more restrictive measures were to put in place to adopt principles of least privilege.

However, this usually resulted in manual and frustrating workflows. DevOps, security, and compliance teams often struggle to keep up with requests, have poor visibility into permissions, and are stuck in time-consuming access reviews.

At Opal, our goal is to solve the pain of permission management so that the right teams can get access to the right tool at the right time. Companies shouldn't have to choose between security and productivity. Software companies should continue to innovate without the stress and burden of managing permissions

Our values

Uncompromising integrity

Holistic ownership

Form, not just function

Invest in each other

Caring is caring

Make knowledge accessible

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