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Opal has redefined how we approach identity governance at scale. The product and roadmap align closely with the needs of our hyper-growth business. With their rich's API and Terraform support, we can modernize and automate IAM and assurance in ways that are aligned with other mature facets of our infrastructure.

Andrew McAllister
Head of Corporate Engineering

Implementing least privilege is at the heart of our security strategy at Marqeta. Opal helps us remove longstanding privileges with workflows that developers actually enjoy using. The platform's rich APIs and developer-focused workflows are helping us to bridge the gap between security and engineering teams.

Todd Thiel
Lead Security Engineer

At Scale, we believe Opal is the right way to do least privilege. As a Terraform shop, it's important for us to be able to use our current workflows to implement privileged access management on resources with granular and robust security and approval policies.

Loui Barrett
Lead Product Security Engineer

Drata uses Opal to automate access requests across the company. The platform is lowering helpdesk volume and saving headcount by delivering a seamless access experience.

Ross Hosman
Chief Information Security Officer

By deprecating our internal tool, we were able to shift our talented security engineers towards Blend’s product and trust Opal to build an industry-leading access management solution. With Opal, Blend is able to implement the  guardrails to be secure by default.

Paul Guthrie
Information Security Officer

The comprehensive platform that makes access management simple

Opal is a security platform that enables organizations to scale process. After building internal authorization systems, the Opal team understands that access management should be decentralized, self-service, and easy to use

Accelerate access with self-service requests

Reduce help desk tickets by automating approvals and provisioning

Decentralize management: Delegate access requests to teams and managers who have the most context. More context = faster and better decisions

Embrace Slack automation: Use Slack to request access, notify reviewers, automate provisioning and revocations

Workflows that developers will love: Generate auto-expiring credentials using Opal’s CLI and request for AWS IAM roles natively in Opal

Opal Platform

Improve security posture with least privilege

Reduce access footprint with granular and short-lived just-in-time access requests

By deprecating our internal tool, we were able to shift our talented security engineers towards Blend’s product and trust Opal to build an industry-leading access management solution. With Opal, Blend is able to implement the  guardrails to be secure by default.

Chris Jones
Paul Guthrie
Information Security Officer
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Be compliance ready without the manual overhead

Automate spreadsheet-based workflows needed for SOX, SOC-2, ISO, and HITRUST user access reviews

Automated user access reviews

No more confusing spreadsheets. Kick off user access reviews with the click of a button

Opal Decentralized user access reviews
Opal Decentralized user access reviews

Delight your auditors

Generate access review reports with all of the information your auditors would need

Meet ongoing compliance needs

Opal has comprehensive logs to help you maintain ongoing compliance. You can set up Slack alerts to be notified when users get access to critical systems – even if the provisioning event is outside of Opal

Opal Decentralized user access reviews

Work seamlessly with your technology stack

Our cloud-first approach automatically discovers your databases, servers, internal tools, and applications

No proxies or agents required for faster time to value

Opal can be deployed via SaaS or self-hosted in minutes

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Enterprise-grade security

Keeping our customer data safe is our highest priority. Our commitment to enterprise-grade security is one of the many reasons why leading companies choose Opal

Self-host for peace of mind

You can self-host Opal behind your own VPN and in your own VPC. Deploy to a new or existing Kubernetes cluster with a seamless management user interface

Trust at the core

Opal's Type 2 SOC-2 report attests to our enterprise-grade system and organization controls regarding security, privacy, availability, and confidentiality

Security first

Opal is heavily invested in maintaining the highest security standards and undergoes regular penetration testing. We leverage AES 256-bit encryption using hardware security modules for data at-rest and in-transit

Robust controls

We use Opal internally to ensure all privileged access requests are short-lived, fully audited, and routed to relevant owners

Enable your teams to scale access

See why some of the world's most passionate IT and infrastructure teams use Opal

Opal reduces a lot of the complexity around orchestrating and scaling access requests. They also have built-in workflows that provide an end-to-end audit trail for JIT-based access, which I’m sure appeals to many compliance teams.

In general, I’m very happy with how versatile the platform is—it allows access to be as flexible or strict as necessary

Chris Jones
Todd Thiel
Lead Security Engineer
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Opal is building the framework for identity management and authorization— providing an incredible user experience for our employees while ensuring we have the infrastructure for auditability and evidence.

Tony Wu, CTO at Parade
Mike Hamilton
Vice President of IT
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I was worried the team would be skeptical of using an access management tool. No one wants to get slowed down. But Opal has actually helped us work faster—our infrastructure feels like a Ferrari.

Chris Jones
Chris Jones
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As Merge continues to scale, it's important our security scales with it. By partnering with Opal, we don't have to worry about access controls anymore. We can focus on our mission to reshape the way businesses integrate.

Gil Feig, Merge
Gil Feig
Merge Logo

Implementing Opal was really straightforward. It tracks access logs in one place automatically, so we have peace of mind we're storing everything we need for upcoming audits.

Jim Walnum, Coinlist
Jim Walnum
Coinlist Logo

With Opal, we can focus on building our core product without worrying about access controls. Their integration into Google Cloud Platform has made it really easy and secure to work with external partners.

Tony Wu, CTO at Parade
Tony Wu
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Scalable Access Management With Opal

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