Jun 6, 2022

Announcing our $10 million Series A

Opal continues to empower enterprises to scale their access management processes and boost their security posture.

Stephen Cobbe
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In 2020, we founded Opal to help organizations manage access with the principle of least privilege, where employees are granted only what they need and nothing more.

The challenge is modern workplaces use many different systems like AWS, Salesforce, or GitHub, each of which has its own way of implementing access control. In this context, defining a consistent set of policies that grants the minimum amount of access necessary is difficult.  Much of our team had to build or operate custom access tooling at their prior companies because solutions on the market weren’t cutting it.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce we’re raising a $10 million Series A led by Greylock Partners. Our funding will support us as we continue to hire a world class engineering and sales teams to scale our growth. We’re building a platform that takes a holistic approach to access management, with broad integration coverage that gives admins the visibility and insights to write scaleable access policies, while enabling employees to browse and request new access using decentralized workflows.

Opal is helping to move access management beyond the IT-driven, groups-based approach that’s predominated the past few decades to a more org-driven, dynamic, and context-based approach. In Opal, user attributes, usage data, org structure, support tickets, and on-call schedules all figure into access control decisions as much as groups do. The net result: your company’s access policies better capture the needs of your employees. Less is granted overall, which means your organization is more secure and compliant.

We're fortunate to have incredible partners in Greylock, who led our round, along with Box Group and Base Case VC. They’re joined by a group of angels with deep industry experience including:

  • Andrew Peterson, CEO at Signal Science
  • Evan Reiser, CEO at Abnormal Security
  • Grant Miller, CEO at Replicated
  • Joe Morrissey, CRO of Segment
  • Joshua Ma, CTO of Airplane
  • Pedro Canahuati, CTO at 1Password
  • Philip Martin, CSO at Coinbase
  • Tim Howes, Co-Creator of LDAP

In addition, we've assembled an amazing team to help build a next generation access management platform. If you’re considering a career change, we're hiring.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can improve access management at your organization, we’d love to setup some time to demo our product with you.

Stephen Cobbe

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