Aug 10, 2022

Breakglass Access

Stephen Cobbe
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Executive Summary

Opal has introduced a new way for admins to pre-approve access for emergencies. Once approved, users can generate temporary 12 hour sessions that are fully audited.


We get it - emergencies happen. During these times, access must be granted quickly and logged appropriately. Any friction in the process will just delay already stressful situations.

Currently, organizations are trusting Opal to define processes to set up break glass access in two ways:

1. On-call integration: Opal integrates with on-call providers, such as PagerDuty and Opsgenie to automatically escalate privileged access based on on-call schedules.

2. Auto-approvals: With Opal's linked Slack channel and auto-approvals, all employees' access will be granted quickly and documented in both a Slack channel and event logs.

Feature Release

With this new release, Opal is now introducing a new break-glass feature for groups - Break Glass Users. This allows admins to manually pre-approve access and give the ability to start a temporary 12 hour session. After an user is marked as break-glass user, they have the ability to get temporary access and all of their activity will be logged.

About Opal:

Opal is the centralized authorization platform for IT and Infrastructure teams. Deeply integrated with developer infrastructure, SaaS applications, and custom internal tools, Opal enables companies to implement scalable access management.

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Stephen Cobbe

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