Aug 8, 2022

Decentralized Owners

Opal helps modern businesses to scale access management via decentralization and automation

Stephen Cobbe
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Executive Summary

In addition to delegating access requests, Opal can decentralize management of security and approval policies to teams with the most context. This new release will enable organizations to effectively scale access management.


As companies grow, it becomes harder for centralized teams such as IT and DevOps to maintain the context needed to scale access management. As a result, these teams need to jump through a lot of manual hoops to investigate requests and provision access manually - slowing down the organization. Worse yet, without proper context, these teams can’t automate the proper security or approval policies to streamline access.

Feature Release

With Opal’s latest release, system and application owners can approve access requests over Slack, but also manage critical policies such as:

  • Approvals: Which teams and managers should be involved in the approval workflow?
  • Visibility: Who can see this resource and group in their app catalog?
  • Maximum duration: What is the maximum duration that users can request access for?
  • MFA: Should approvers go through a MFA challenge to approve requests via Slack or Web?
  • Request template: Do users need to submit custom fields in order to make the access request?
  • Event-bounded access: Should access be automatically revoked after expiration of support ticket or on-call rotation?

Opal recognizes that access management is both a technology and process problem. The best way to scale process is to enable teams with the most context and knowledge to manage the resources and groups that they own.

About Opal:

Opal is the centralized authorization platform for IT and Infrastructure teams. Deeply integrated with developer infrastructure, SaaS applications, and custom internal tools, Opal enables companies to implement scalable access management.

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Stephen Cobbe

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