Dec 14, 2021

Announcing Deep Slack Integration

With our deep Slack integration, you can make requests directly from Slack, comment on requests, and create linked channels for better visibility.

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Joyce Ling
Product Marketing Lead

By integrating with Slack, it's super easy to approve requests over Slack. Now, we have also improved the experience for users to make requests in Slack.

You can easily filter by tag, team, or service for the resource or group you want to request access for. Click request, and it gets sent to the right people instantly.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page with Slack Threads

If you get an access request while you're on the go, you can start a conversation easily in a Slack thread. Others can respond in the thread or in the Opal web app so you and your team stay on the same page.

Transparency for Your Most Sensitive Resources

For resources you want to monitor closely, our customers have been loving our linked Slack channels. By linking a Slack channel with a resource, Opal sends real-time updates, so nothing slides under the radar.

Here we see when I add a user, Opal immediately sends a notification in the linked Slack channel.

Questions? Comments? Shoot us an email at or visit our website at

Joyce Ling

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