Aug 5, 2021

4 New Features to Make Access Management Even Easier

We've added a few changes in the app that will make things even easier.

Joyce Ling
Product Marketing Lead
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The best part of access management with Opal is... you won't have to think about access management anymore 😛. We've added a few changes in the app that will make things even easier.

From Permissions to Resources

We're always re-thinking access management, which is why we've changed our permissions-based approach to a resource-based approach. Instead of requesting access to separate permissions associated with the same connection, you can now make requests for different levels of access within a grouping of permissions, which we call a resource. This makes for less redundancy and a cleaner user experience.

Here's a cute little diagram showing what we mean 👇🏼


We Now Support New Databases!

Ask and you shall receive! Our customers have been loving managing access to databases via Opal, especially since we recently started supporting granular access requests (table-level, column/row-level)! Now, we support an expanded selection of 12+ different databases! Check out our [Integrations page]( and select "Databases" in the drop-down to see how we integrate seamlessly into your stack.

If you're wanting support for your database, check back on the Integrations page (we're always adding more!) or email us at to request a specific integration.

Troubleshooting is Easier Than Ever With Impersonation

We added the ability for admin users to impersonate user accounts, which makes hands-on troubleshooting in Opal that much easier. Like other sensitive permissions, requests for this ability can be short-lived, and every activity is logged for easy audits.

In this GIF, I'm stealing the identity of Eugene, our Head of Sales. So much power! *cough* I mean, so useful, right?


Easier Resource Setup

In the past, Opal automatically discovered and imported your resources through a manual tagging process. Although this process was already pretty smooth, we wanted to make it even more frictionless for Opal users. Now, you can see all of your cloud resources within Opal and select the ones that you want to import, without ever leaving the application.

These are just a few ways we're re-thinking access management. We're constantly reshaping Opal to make life easier for our customers. We'd love to know—what struggles do you have with access management, and how can we help? Let us know at!

Joyce Ling

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