May 10, 2022

Introducing Lance Larsen

Let's welcome our Head of Solutions Engineering, Lance!

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Joyce Ling
Product Marketing Lead

Let’s welcome Lance, our Head of Solutions Engineering! 🎉

⭐ Why he joined Opal: “I’m excited to join this team of experts! I’m really passionate about infrastructure and access management, and Opal is in a unique position to help enterprises orchestrate the right access at the right time for SaaS, internal tools, and the infrastructure layer. The team has firsthand experience solving these problems and understands these challenges at scale.” — Lance

⭐ About Lance: Lance is an expert in identity and access management, starting his career as a consultant and eventually growing his career at Hashicorp. As a solutions engineer, he first helped customers automate their infrastructure. Eventually, he built the Emerging Products go-to-market from the bottom up, through to Hashicorp’s eventual IPO.

⭐ Fun facts:

• Lance’s favorite hobby is snowboarding! He picked up the sport four years ago in Lake Tahoe when his good friend pushed him down a hill. A few bruises later, he now recommends lessons to everyone else 🏂🏼

• Lance’s most adventurous day was motorbiking Hải Vân Pass in Vietnam. They lost all the maps, and their six-hour ride turned into a 14-hour journey 😰

• He’s always on the move, living in five cities in the last ten years: Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Austin. ✈️🏝️⛰️

From staying on his toes in both travel and access management, we can’t wait to see his impact here! Welcome, Lance!

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Joyce Ling

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