Mar 14, 2022

Introducing Thibault Jaigu

Let's welcome our Head of EMEA, Thibault!

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Joyce Ling
Product Marketing Lead

Let’s welcome Thibault, our Head of EMEA!

Why he joined: “The product vision and strategy at Opal around authorization will bring a whole new dimension to the IAM space. Excited to be part of this incredible team and build the foundation of EMEA.”

His background: Thibault has previously worked in Product Analytics where he helped scale the company from 4 to 80+ employees! His efforts led to a successful direct listing of the company.

Fun facts:

  • When he was 5, he won a laptop in a drawing competition... even though, now, drawing is now not one of his strong suits.
  • Thibault has lived in 5 different countries!
  • He recently achieved a 9 handicap in golf.

Excited to see what you do for Opal in Europe, Thibault! Welcome! 🎉

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Joyce Ling

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