Mar 10, 2022

Introducing Tim Mickel

Let's welcome our newest software engineer, Tim Mickel!

Joyce Ling

Welcome to Tim Mickel, our latest software engineer!

⭐ Why he joined: “Opal has a brilliant and thoughtful team, and a clearly useful product. I think it will be both fun to work on, and a very successful company :)”

⭐ His background: With a tendency to gravitate towards purpose-driven startups, Tim has been on teams that support teachers, healthcare providers, and kids learning to code. Being in the NYC tech start-up scene for most of his career, he’s picked up a wide range of experience in tech and full-stack development.

⭐ Fun facts:

👉🏼 In 3 weeks, he’ll be running his first half-marathon!

👉🏼 In a previous job, he was well known for crafting giant, elaborate whiteboard murals and decorative espresso art.

👉🏼 He took an Arabic class in 2020 and to all his fellow Arabic speakers, he would like to say: مرحبا كيف الحال؟

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Joyce Ling

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