Jul 6, 2021

Introducing Time-based Access With Linear

Here at Opal, we recently switched to using Linear, so we decided to build an Opal integration for it. Learn more about it in this post.

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Joyce Ling
Product Marketing Lead

Here at Opal, we've recently switched to Linear as our main issue tracking software! It's lightweight, fast, and we're loving our ticket hygiene ever since we got on the platform. We know we're not the only ones making the switch, so of course we wanted to add it as an Opal integration!

Integrating with a project management app like JIRA or Linear allows you to give your team time-bounded access. By tying access with a ticket, your team will get the access they need, and only when they need it. When the ticket is complete, Opal automatically revokes access to those sensitive resources.

Once you integrate with an issue tracking software, your team can tie an issue to any access request easily.

This gives the person reviewing access more context when they see the request rolling in, allowing them to see the exact support ticket that relates to a request.

We've also given Opal admins the ability to require a support ticket be attached to every access request. This creates better ticket hygiene and makes sure your team always has a reason for requesting access.

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Joyce Ling

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