Mar 17, 2022

Introducing Yolanda Zhou

Let's welcome our latest software engineer, Yolanda!

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Joyce Ling
Product Marketing Lead

Let’s welcome Yolanda, our latest software engineer hire!

Why she joined: She’s excited about joining an early stage startup with an awesome product and a kind, humble, and brilliant team (her words, not ours 😛). With lots of opportunity to make an impact, she’s excited to make her mark!

Her background: She was at Samsara for three years honing her front-end skills. Before that, she interned at Google and Facebook and graduated from MIT.

Fun facts:

  • One time, she stayed up until 8am playing a Chinese card game called Tractor 😂
  • She’s recently gotten into pottery and loves it!
  • She has dyed her hair almost all colors of the rainbow (but not at the same time!).

Excited to see how you super-boost our front-end, Yolanda! We are so lucky to have you! 🎉

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Joyce Ling

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