Dec 5, 2023

Renewing our commitment to multi-cloud support

Opal renews commitment to multi-cloud with a revamped GCP integration and added support for Azure

Kudos to
Andri Bjarnason
Software Engineer

We’re doubling down on our vision to help you protect your organization’s most valuable data and resources, across your entire identity + access ecosystem, and excited to announce a significant leap forward in our capabilities.

Our new integration with Azure brings Opal's expertise and innovation to the heart of Microsoft's cloud ecosystem. Opal’s data layer normalizes your access and identity data into a consolidated view and control of your entire environment, and our JIT policy engine gives you the configurable guardrails you need to implement frictionless least privilege for a secure-by-default position.

Opal meets Azure

We wanted to build an Azure integration that gives customers a high-fidelity view of their infrastructure setups. Azure relies heavily on a hierarchical access model, and we replicated that model in Opal. We also revamped the way we display resource hierarchy, more comprehensively reflecting end-system realities like parent/child resource relationships.

  1. Easy Just-in-time Access: Opal’s streamlined access requests make it possible to adopt a secure-by-default posture, replacing long-standing access to sensitive Azure resources with just-in-time ephemeral access.
  2. Comprehensive Insights: Opal details the source of any user’s access at a granular level, whether it's through a group or inherited from a higher-level assignment. This level of visibility is essential for making informed decisions about access permissions and ensuring compliance with organizational policies.
  3. Dynamic Access Control: Opal's integration with Azure enables dynamic access control, allowing organizations to grant and revoke access swiftly in response to changing requirements. This agility ensures that users have the right permissions precisely when they need them.
  4. Continuous Compliance: All access changes are tracked in a permanent audit log that can be logged to a Slack channel or exported to your favorite tools.

As organizations embrace cloud solutions, Opal provides a consolidated view and control of the entire ecosystem's identities and access pathways. Our user-friendly interface, combined with advanced access management capabilities, creates a unified experience that sets a new standard for efficiency and security in Azure environments.


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