Aug 18, 2022

Request Templates

Stephen Cobbe
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Executive Summary

With request templates, admins can configure a standard set of questions for users to answer before submitting access requests.


As a self-service catalog, Opal enables end users to request for the access that they need and delegate approvals to admins. This enables users to get access in minutes, not days. However, there are situations in which additional context is required for approvers to make the most informed decision. Moreover, certain types of resources require a similar set of questions.

Feature Release

Opal has now released the ability for resource owners to set custom fields on requests. This enables certain types of resources and groups to have same type of questions that end users have to answer before submitting a request.

Admins can configure different input methods, such as short answer, paragraph, checkbox, and dropdowns to ensure that approvers are getting the right set of information.

About Opal:

Opal is the centralized authorization platform for IT and Infrastructure teams. Deeply integrated with developer infrastructure, SaaS applications, and custom internal tools, Opal enables companies to implement scalable access management.

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Stephen Cobbe

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