Jul 12, 2022

Scale Access Management with Opal’s API

Our public-facing API opens up possibilities for access management at scale.

Stephen Cobbe
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Enterprises have complicated tech environments, so we’ve released a public-facing API to help them scale.

Decrease your organization's access footprint. Internal tools are notorious for exposing too much access. Integrate with Opal’s API directly or via webhooks. By doing so, you can take advantage of Opal’s powerful workflows for just-in-time access, user onboarding and offboarding, break glass access and more.

Leverage the auditability and scalability of infrastructure as code. Orchestrate Opal via Terraform, enabled by our API. Configure settings including resource owners, reviewers, MFA requirements, and maximum request duration.

Finally, assign access dynamically and in bulk using our APIs. Using our APIs, you can automatically assign access at scale. You can also use attributes, usage data, or device ID to define the exact context that informs whether a user should receive access.

This is the power of Opal—by supporting deep integrations with internal processes, developer infrastructure, and third-party applications, Opal scales access management for your organization.

We’re always working on our API in parallel with other important product releases. The more building blocks we offer, the more creative and useful Opal becomes in a world where companies have a wide array of use cases.

About Opal:

Opal is the centralized authorization platform for IT and Infrastructure teams. Deeply integrated with developer infrastructure, SaaS applications, and custom internal tools, Opal enables companies to implement scalable access management.

Want to see it yourself? Contact or book a meeting here for a personalized demo.

Stephen Cobbe

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