CoinList Fortifies Security With Opal's Automated Access Management

CoinList, one of the fastest growing platforms for new crypto, upgrades their access management process to boost their security posture and improve their compliance tech stack.

$100M Raised

CoinList is one of the most trusted platforms for new crypto offerings. In a rapidly expanding market, they have made a splash for both users seeking "the next Bitcoin" and companies building the future of crypto. Like having an exclusive meet-and-greet before a keynote speech, CoinList is the platform for users to buy, trade, stake, and lend the best new tokens before they're listed on mainstream exchanges. For example, Filecoin, Flow, and Solana are cryptocurrencies that were listed on CoinList before showing up elsewhere.

CoinList also focuses on helping companies with the most impactful crypto projects grow their token networks, meet compliance requirements, and manage custody and staking. $800M in funds, $3B in trading volume, and $6B+ in AUC later, CoinList is becoming one of the fastest-growing crypto platforms.

The Problem

As CoinList continues to grow, they need a scalable way to track access to sensitive data. Initially, they used a home-grown solution to track, monitor, and notify IT when developers accessed production servers. However, this solution didn't provide traceability between support requests and the actions taken to fulfill those requests.

To provide their users with the most secure experience, CoinList has stringent auditing requirements and security policies. Looking around, they couldn't find a solution that had the right integration of access management, compliance features, and time-based access they needed, which led them to discovering Opal.

The Solution

"Implementing Opal was really straightforward. It tracks access logs in one place automatically, so we have peace of mind we're storing everything we need for upcoming audits."

Jim Walnum


CoinList piloted Opal for 2 weeks and had a seamless partnership with the team. With options to either host Opal themselves or host in the cloud, CoinList chose to self-host to maximize security and customize the platform to fit their needs.

The onboarding process was straightforward, with a dedicated Slack channel for regular check-ins. The proactive support and communication with CoinList helped to resolve any issues that arose, making Opal feel like a natural extension of their DevOps team.

Using the product, the CoinList team:

  • Had peace of mind that they could track and log all access actions, including session logs for SSH access.
  • Streamlined their approval and grant workflows with convenient one-click approvals in Slack.
  • Granted short-lived access around their most sensitive resources without extra hassle.

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