Opal + Slack

Integration Overview

Opal's integration with Slack creates an innovative access management workflow that brings essential information about access requests to the appropriate resource owners and managers. Not only does it allow owners to approve or deny the request within Slack itself, the notification also updates in real time to show outstanding requests and pending next steps. By bringing access requests right to your manager's fingertips, Opal helps you maintain security standards, meet compliance requirements, and greatly reduce inefficiencies within your team.

Use cases

  • Implement Least Privilege - With Opal, customers are able to make time bounded access requests via Slack
  • Accelerate Access Requests - Customers can delegate approvals to resource owners/managers and accelerate approvals via one-click in Slack
  • Configure break glass access - Opal enables customers to automate emergency break-glass access via integrations with on-call providers and trigger Slack notifications

How it works

Get started using Slack in minutes.

  • Log into the Slack workspace you want to integrate with Opal.
  • Click "Connect" on the Slack integration in the Opal Admin page
  • Input the Slack domain in the "Organization name" field
  • Grant Opal Slack app permissions