access management

Self-Service App Catalog for Employees. Powerful security guardrails for Admins.

Implement least privilege at scale and enable employees to quickly get access to the apps that they need


Does being a compliance professional feel like supervising a room of toddlers wielding scissors?

Toddlers — we mean, teams — want to move fast, not check boxes.

What if you could help them do both? With Opal, you can sidestep potential disasters, make audits fun, and keep your eyes on who has access to what, when, and why.

Teams can keep running with scissors, and you can sit back and relax knowing that Opal’s got your back.

Cut down on support tickets for access requests

Automate the manual overhead of access management. Supercharge employee productivity by enabling employees to discover, request, get access in minutes, not days

Self-service requests

Enable employees to request for specific permissions on a temporary basis. Opal logs all activity for your audit reports

Decentralize management

Instead of relying on bottlenecked teams, Opal delegates responsibilities to teams and managers with the most context

Slack automation

Employees don’t have to learn new workflows. They can make requests and manage approvals through Slack

At Scale, we believe Opal is the right way to do least privilege. As a Terraform shop, it's important for us to be able to use our current workflows to implement privileged access management on resources with granular and robust security and approval policies.

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Loui Barrett
Product Security Engineer
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Native developer workflows

With our direct integrations, Opal provides a supercharged developer experience

Generate short-lived credentials

Stop using shared credentials or needing to manually rotate them. Opal enables developers to generate federated and auto-expiring credentials via the CLI or web

Dynamically create AWS IAM roles

Opal enables developers to natively request and create new AWS IAM roles. DevOps can approve via one click in Slack without needing to touch the AWS console

Automate on-call rotations

Integrated with on-call providers, Opal can automatically grant and revoke privileged access via on-call schedules

Configure App Catalog to meet your security needs

Opal enables teams to customize approval and security configurations based on risk

Customize approval workflows

Opal can be used to configure auto-approval or multi-stage approvals with system owners and managers

Secure by design

Team admins can configure max duration, multi-factor authentication, and require support tickets before enabling requests

Curate app catalog

Employees can navigate to customized app catalogs based on groups


Access Management

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