Be compliance-ready faster with automation

Reduce the manual overhead needed for your SOX, SOC2, ISO27001, HIRUST user access reviews


Does being a compliance professional feel like supervising a room of toddlers wielding scissors?

Toddlers — we mean, teams — want to move fast, not check boxes.

What if you could help them do both? With Opal, you can sidestep potential disasters, make audits fun, and keep your eyes on who has access to what, when, and why.

Teams can keep running with scissors, and you can sit back and relax knowing that Opal’s got your back.

Faster Access Reviews

Designed from the ground up for compliance teams, access reviews in Opal are frictionless

Push-button start

Kick off user access reviews with a centralized compliance dashboard. Remind employees via Slack

Automatic access changes

Accelerate access reviews by automatically removing access or changing access levels through Opal

Audit-ready reports

Generate access review reports with all of the information your auditors would need

Opal is building the framework for identity management and authorization—providing an incredible user experience for our employees while ensuring we have the infrastructure for auditability and evidence

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Mike Hamilton
VP of IT
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Centralized Visibility

Get a single of glass across engineering systems and SaaS applications

Everything in one place

Opal consolidates access for all your systems, so you can see who has access to what, how they got it, and why

Exportable logs

Export access logs via Opal’s APIs or download as csv files

SSH events

Audit all SSH activity via CloudWatch trails

Monitor for continuous changes

Receive important notifications you won’t want to mark as spam

Stay on top of access to critical systems  

Be notified when users access sensitive permissions inside (and outside) of Opal

Streamline break glass access

Receive notifications when users break glass for emergencies

Stay current on fast-moving changes

Get alerts if users have switched roles or managers


User Access Review

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