Intelligent Identity Governance

Opal provides a modern identity governance platform that helps companies to implement least privilege but also improves employee productivity. Integrated with modern applications, Opal enables end users to get access quickly and admins to implement powerful policies

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Legacy identity governance tools slow employees down through confusing user experiences. These solutions don’t integrate natively with cloud-native applications. In addition, they are expensive to purchase and maintain

Opal Platform

Bolster security posture through just-in-time access

Grant temporary access to critical permissions quickly. Enable system owners and managers to review and provision access automatically through Slack

Configure advanced security and approval workflows

Do you only want engineers to be able to request access to AWS? Done. Do you want to set up auto-approvals or multi-stage approvals? Check. Do you require approvers to go through 2FA? Covered. Best of all, these policies can be configured programmatically via API

Visualize access patterns

With just a few clicks, admins can quickly understand who has access to what, how, when, and how. Opal provides one single pane of glass across SaaS, engineering infrastructure, and internal tools

Be notified for important changes

Not only does Opal keep logs for all access requests, approvals, and reviews, the platform can also notify users in Slack. You can even be alerted for provisioning events outside of Opal

By deprecating our internal tool, we were able to shift our talented security engineers towards Blend’s product and trust Opal to build an industry-leading access management solution. With Opal, Blend is able to implement the  guardrails to be secure by default.

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