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Just-In-Time Access

Opal provides a frictionless experience for employees to request access and security teams to implement guardrails


Enterprises are unable to manage permissions at scale. As a result, over-provisioned access is the new normal. Security teams don’t have the infrastructure to implement process changes or fix the problem at scale. According to the Ponemon Institute, 56% of data breaches are caused by negligence and misconfiguration

Opal Platform

Enable employees with the self-service app catalog

Stop manually handling tickets and provisioning access. Instead, your team can easily request permissions in one place

Accelerate productivity with delegation and automation

Rather than relying on centralized teams, delegate approvals to system owners and managers who actually have the right context. Using Slack or the web, approvers can automatically provision access and log everything for audit reports

Implement security guardrails

Admins can set up permission-specific visibility, approval, and security settings. This ensures that end users are requesting access in a way that is secure and compliant by design

Automate time-bounded access

Eliminate long-lived access by automatically revoking access based on a time period or after the completion of a support ticket

Opal has redefined how we approach identity governance at scale. The product and roadmap align closely with the needs of our hyper-growth business. With their rich's API and Terraform support, we can modernize and automate IAM and assurance in ways that are aligned with other mature facets of our infrastructure.

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Andrew McAllister
Head of Corporate Engineering
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