Modern Privileged Access Management

Opal provides a modern privileged access management platform that bolsters security but also improves developer productivity. Without agents or proxies, Opal provides an identity-aware access management platform that can be deployed in minutes

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Traditional PAM tools slow developers down by forcing them to check out credentials in a centralized vault. These solutions also fail to support cloud-native applications and are expensive to purchase and maintain

Opal Platform

Just-in-time access to granular permissions

Eliminate long standing access across servers, Kubernetes clusters, databases, and internal applications. Opal streamlines just-in-time access with Slack automation and enforces powerful governance policies

Identity-based and passwordless access to infrastructure

Instead of checking out credentials in a shared vault, Opal enables developers to easily generate federated and auto-expiring credentials

Automate on-call and breakglass access

Integrated with on-call providers, Opal can automatically escalate privileges (and revoke access) via on-call schedules. Employees can also be pre-approved for break-glass access and Opal will document all events for audits

Dynamic role creation

Opal enables developers to natively create AWS IAM roles. Once approved by DevOps or security, Opal will add the new role to the catalog

Implementing least privilege is at the heart of our security strategy at Marqeta. Opal helps us remove longstanding privileges with workflows that developers actually enjoy using. The platform's rich APIs, and developer-focused workflows are helping us to bridge the gap between security and engineering teams.

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Todd Thiel
Lead Security Engineer
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