Opal + Linear

Opal + Linear Use Cases

1. Dynamic least privilege

Using Opal, your team can natively bind access requests to support tickets within Linear. This eliminates manual approval processes and only grants access while the ticket in progress. When the ticket is closed out, Opal ensures privileged access is revoked. By only surfacing issues that have been assigned by you, you free up your workload to take on more important things. Whether you set a time expiration or wait until a ticket is completed, Opal uses whichever comes first to make sure your team has just-in-time access to get the job done.

2. Managing access to internal tools

For internal systems that cannot connect easily via webhooks or APIs, Opal manages the sync status using support tickets. When access requests are approved, Opal will automatically create a ticket for Admins to propagate access manually. Once the ticket is marked as completed, Opal will sync with the status of the ticket and show that the user has gained access!

3. Using ticketing system as single source of truth for reporting

Access requests in Opal can create tickets in your ticketing provider. All subsequent changes in Opal, such as approval decisions and comments, will be automatically update the ticket. After admins have configured their ticket provider, all access requests created in Opal will automatically create a ticket in the ITSM. This is known as the Audit Ticket. Furthermore, updates to the request, such as comments and approval status, will be automatically logged into the ticket as well.

Linear Overview

Linear lets you manage software development and track bugs. Linear's streamlined design is built for speed and efficiency — helping high performing teams accomplish great things.

Linear Integration Setup

1. Under the Admin tab, admins can navigate to the Productivity Integrations section and click on the Connect button

2. Afterwards, admins need to follow the remaining steps to provide the Linear Token

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