Opal + Opsgenie

Integration Overview

Opal integrates natively with Opsgenie to reduce friction within your Engineering team. You can create privileged on-call groups which sync with the on-call schedules in Opsgenie. That way, whoever is currently on-call has all the permissions needed to diagnose and solve live issues effectively. Once they're no longer on-call, Opal will automatically remove their privileges!

Use cases

  • Implement Least Privilege - With Opal, customers are able to adopt granular and ephemeral access to critical resources
  • Configure break glass access - Opal enables customers to automate emergency break-glass access via integrations with on-call providers and manual pre-approvals

How it works

Get started using Opsgenie in minutes.

  • Create an Opsgenie token
  • Add your token to Opal
  • Create an Opsgenie group and select "On-Call Managed Group"
  • Opal will then rotate on-call members in and out of the group