Opal + PagerDuty

Product Overview

PagerDuty is an operations management platform that helps organizations with incident response, on-call management, and runbook automation capabilities. It is a leading tool for DevOps, AIOps, process automation, and business operations teams across a variety of industries.

Integration Overview

Opal integrates natively with PagerDuty to reduce friction within your Engineering team. Privileged on-call groups can be created whose membership is synced with PagerDuty on-call schedules. That way, whoever is currently on-call has all of the permissions needed to effectively diagnose and solve live issues. Once they're no longer on-call, Opal will automatically remove their privileges.

In addition, Opal also integrates with in-product roles in PagerDuty. With this integration, DevOps and IT teams can see who has access and grant/modify/revoke access to PagerDuty resources in Opal.

Use cases

  • Implement Least Privilege - With Opal, customers are able to adopt granular and ephemeral access to critical resources
  • Accelerate Access Requests - Customers can delegate approvals to resource owners/managers and accelerate approvals via one-click in Slack
  • Streamline User Onboarding - Integrated with popular identity providers, customers can bind resource level access to native group structures
  • Configure break glass access - Opal enables customers to automate emergency break-glass access via integrations with on-call providers and manual pre-approvals
  • Automate Access Reviews - Opal offers end-to-end automation for user access reviews -  snapshotting user lists, notifying reviewers, providing a self-service review workflow, and generating automated reports

How it works

You can set up the PagerDuty integration in minutes:

  • Create a service account for Opal
  • Add your API Key