Opal + PagerDuty

Opal + PagerDuty Use Cases

1. On-Call Automation

With Opal's PagerDuty integration, enterprises can automatically grant access to privileged permissions when engineers are on-call (and revoke access when they are off-call). This integration strengthens a company's security posture and streamlines operations.

  • Security: Enterprises can implement least privilege in a short-lived and dynamic manner. Engineers shouldn't have sensitive on-call access all of the time. Instead, they only receive necessary permissions when they need them.
  • Operations: Rather than manually granting and revoking access through calendar reminders, Opal can automatically grant and revoke access according to on-call schedules.

2. Modern Access Management

Opal also integrates with PagerDuty roles, such as Admin, Owner, and User, enabling Opal to:

Protect against breaches with least privilege

  • Grant just-in-time access to PagerDuty roles that are auto-expiring and fully audited using Slack
  • Ensure that privileged roles have the appropriate identity governance and approval configurations, such as multi-stage approvals, max duration, custom fields, and more

Accelerate employee access on paved roads

  • Enable resource owners with the most context to approve access requests and provision access automatically via Slack
  • Accelerate employee onboarding by enabling managers to request on behalf of their reports or enabling self-service discovery of resource bundles
  • Automate on-call access by provisioning and deprovisioning access via on-call schedules

Simplify compliance without manual overhead

  • Automate user access reviews so compliance teams can snapshot user listings, assign reviewers to self-service reviews, propagate access changes, and generate an auditor-friendly access report
  • Review access of employees who have recently transferred roles or departments

PagerDuty Overview

PagerDuty is an operations management platform that helps organizations with incident response, on-call management, and runbook automation capabilities. It is a leading tool for DevOps, process automation, and business operations teams across various industries. For more information, please view our guide on managing on-call access.

PagerDuty Integration Setup

On-call Automation

1. Under the Admin tab, admins can navigate to the Productivity Integrations section and click on the Connect button

2. Afterwards, admins need to provide a "Read-Only" API token

  1. For any group, Opal or Group Admins can edit the Membership on-call Schedule to determine which users should get access to the group when they are on-call.

Modern Access Management

Under Apps, admins can create a new App connection for PagerDuty and add API Key with Full Access

Manage access with


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