Opal + Terraform

Opal + Terraform Use cases

Scalable access management

Using Opal's Terraform provider, customers can:

  • Automate configuration and resource provisioning: Eliminate manual provisioning through user interfaces
  • Gain stronger security posture: IaC completely standardizes your setup, reducing human error
  • Manage configuration at scale: Orchestrate resources in one configuration file that has robust version control

Terraform Overview

Infrastructure as code (IaC) tools allow you to manage infrastructure with configuration files rather than through a graphical user interface. IaC allows you to build, change, and manage your infrastructure in a safe, consistent, and repeatable way by defining resource configurations that you can version, reuse, and share. Terraform is HashiCorp's infrastructure as code tool. It lets you define resources and infrastructure in human-readable, declarative configuration files, and manages your infrastructure's lifecycle. Using Terraform has several advantages over manually managing your infrastructure:

  • Terraform can manage infrastructure on multiple cloud platforms.
  • The human-readable configuration language helps you write infrastructure code quickly.
  • Terraform's state allows you to track resource changes throughout your deployments.
  • You can commit your configurations to version control to safely collaborate on infrastructure.

Opal + Terraform Overview

Opal has a Terraform provider to enable customers to manage the configuration of sensitive resources with IaC. This allows developers to have powerful version control workflows, including:

  • Ability to see a distilled snapshot of current state
  • Ability to git diff any changes between states
  • Ability to git revert to earlier states
  • Ability to git log full version history
  • Ability to review and discuss changes via pull requests

For more information, please view our guide regarding scaling access using infrastructure-as-code (IAC).

Terraform Provider

Opal's terraform provider will enable admins to manage Opal owners, resources, and groups. Our Terraform provider can be found here

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