Google Cloud Platform


Opal + Google Cloud Platform

GCP Compute

Opal leverages Google Cloud IAM capabilities to grant temporary and auditable access to virtual machines hosted using Google's Cloud Compute managed service. We automatically discover virtual machines you want to manage and allow developers to request access to them. Since this method of granting access is native to Google Cloud, it doesn't require managing private/public keys and gives you more time to ship your products.


Opal lets you define fine-grained access controls to Kubernetes clusters on GKE allowing you to set specific permissions to and policies to Google Cloud users . This simplifies and unifies access controls to clusters while enabling developers to connect easily and request new access to many different clusters.


Within a specific project, Google Cloud Storage buckets often contain sensitive data that needs to be monitored carefully. Using Opal, you're able to grant read or write-level access for specific buckets by pushing a single button in Slack.

Projects & Folders

Using Opal, you can grant temporary access to pre-defined and custom roles to all of your sensitive GCP Projects & Folders. When granting access to specific projects, Opal automatically double-checks the specific Google Cloud user has the policy attached to them once a resource owner approves their request in Slack. Access to folders works similarly, and granting access to the top-level cascades down to all projects and folders within it.