Opal + Teleport

Product Overview

Teleport focuses on identity-native infrastructure access. Teleport replaces the #1 source of data breaches — secrets — with true identity to deliver phishing-proof zero trust access for every engineer and service connected to your global infrastructure.

Use cases

Modern Access Management

Opal integrates with Teleport roles. Using Opal, customers can:

  • Grant just-in-time access to critical resources that are auto-expiring and fully audited
  • Enable resource owners with the most context to approve access requests and provision access automatically via Slack
  • Ensure that privileged roles have the appropriate identity governance and approval configurations, such as multi-stage approvals, max duration, custom fields, and more
  • Automate user access reviews so compliance teams can snapshot user listings, assign reviewers to self-service reviews, propagate access changes, and generate an auditor-friendly access report
  • Automatically escalate privileges (and revoke access) when developers are on-call via integrations with PagerDuty and Opsgenie

Integration Setup

Teleport can be integrated using Opal 'connector.

1. In the Apps sidebar, click on "New App", and select Teleport

2. Create a service account for Opal and add service account credentials

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