Opal + Custom Internal Tools

Product Overview

Opal can connect with any homegrown applications. These applications include impersonation tools or admin dashboards.

Integration Overview

Opal can integrate with custom internal tools in two ways:

  1. Identity provider
  2. Custom API

For the former, this integration is more straightforward and we can provide access via an identity provider group.

For the latter, this integration is more involved, we can provide much more granular access via our API. Rather than providing coarse access via a group, our customers can use our API to define different access levels. Access levels can be defined as individual customers or cohorts of customers.

Use cases

  • Implement Least Privilege - With Opal, customers are able to adopt granular and ephemeral access to critical resources
  • Accelerate Access Requests - Customers can delegate approvals to resource owners/managers and accelerate approvals via one-click in Slack
  • Streamline User Onboarding - Integrated with popular identity providers, customers can bind resource level access to native group structures
  • Configure break glass access - Opal enables customers to automate emergency break-glass access via integrations with on-call providers and manual pre-approvals
  • Automate Access Reviews - Opal offers end-to-end automation for user access reviews -  snapshotting user lists, notifying reviewers, providing a self-service review workflow, and generating automated reports

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